AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH



AIT is an Austrian research institute focusing on the key infrastructure issues of the future. The Center for Safety & Security focuses on these two important aspects of ever-increasing relevance for today’s citizens, which will also take centre stage in the information society of tomorrow:

  • “Safety” refers to the personal safety of individuals, which is directly or indirectly dependent on the proper functioning or availability of an information processing and/or autonomous system.
  • “Security” refers to the protection of information and the prevention of any potential violation through unauthorized access to or alteration of personal information.

An important part of the research of the IT Security within the Safety & Security Department is concentrated on secure system design for safety and security-critical information systems.

AIT will actively contribute to the research performed in on privacy-preserving authentication and data processing; the developed solutions will then also be integrated into a demonstration use case. AIT will contribute to standardisation, specifically with regards to ETSI and ISO/IEC. Finally, the team will contribute to the dissemination activities through research publications or summer schools.