International Cyber Investigation Training Academy

ICITA is a non-profit organization established by leading experts in the field of cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime with the aim of: 

  • improving the knowledge and skills of cyber professionals involved in strengthening cybersecurity, combating and preventing cybercrime and protecting information security, including law enforcement and defence authorities, investigators, prosecutors and judges; ICT professionals; and experts who work with sensitive information from public sector and industry;
  • raising public awareness by conducting research about existing cyber threats and risks, and create synergies among public authorities and industry to prevent them;
  • providing consultancy services and enhancing the competence of industry, governmental authorities and non- governmental organizations on topics related to strengthening cybersecurity and the prevention of and fight against cybercrime.
  • building up effective public-private partnerships and an expert network in order to facilitate exchange of information and knowledge in the area of cybersecurity in the Balkan Region.

ICITA created the Bulgarian Centre of Excellence – B2Center which is part of the Senter network bridging together academic institutions, law enforcement and industry. ICITA is a founding member of the Bulgarian Centre of Competence on ICT Security Association. ICITA’s experience in building successful partnerships, initiatives and projects with government organizations, academic institutions and industry will add value to the project by engaging ICITAs community of stakeholders to participate in surveys, mapping exercises and assessment activities. It will also add value in the development of certification program by taking part in methodology development. ICITA will distribute the outcomes of this project to all its partners and will involve them in the development cycle as needed.