Siemens AG



Siemens AG is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering. Operating in the fields of automation, electrification and mainly digitalization, Siemens holds leading market positions in all its business areas. The company has roughly 372,000 employees working to develop and manufacture products, design and install complex systems and projects, and tailor a wide range of solutions for individual requirements.

Today the company employs some, 38.000 researchers and developers, who work on innovations that secure existing business and open up new markets. Collaborations are an indispensable mean of developing strategically important technologies. With over 7,400 employees worldwide, Corporate Technology (CT) plays a key role in R&D at Siemens and covers a wide range of technology fields including the subject areas materials and microsystems, production methods, security, software and engineering, power engineering, sensors, automation, medical information systems and imaging methods, information and communication technologies, the extraction and processing of raw materials, and off-grid power generation.

Siemens provides challenges, problems and partial solutions to the use case “Security and Integrity of the Supply Chain”. Siemens also revises proposed solutions of the participants and evaluates them according to the requirements defined by CyberSec4Europe.