SINTEF is Scandinavia’s largest independent research organisation, and is a non-profit research institute wholly owned by the SINTEF Foundation. Employing more than 1700 people, most of whom are based in Trondheim and Oslo, more than 90% of its annual turnover derives from contract research for industry and the public sector in Norway and internationally, and with only minimal state funding. SINTEF is multidisciplinary, with international top-level expertise in a wide range of technological and scientific disciplines, medicine and the social sciences. The company vision is “technology for a better society“, and it is an important aspect of their societal role to contribute to the creation of more jobs. It acts as an incubator, commercialising technologies through the establishment of new companies. SINTEF is represented in the consortium by SINTEF Digital.

SINTEF focuses mainly on secure software development on the maritime cybersecurity use case and on dissemination and exploitation activities.