Trust in Digital Life Association (TDL)

TDL is a not-for-profit membership association registered in Belgium. Its member organisations are leading companies and knowledge institutes. Via TDL, their representatives exchange knowledge and experience; share customer, technology, and market insights; and work to improve the trustworthiness of digital services and platforms through joint research, education, and development.

The TDL community’s unifying principle is that trust and trustworthy services are essential for the success of the digital economy. As a community of industrialists, entrepreneurs, and academics, TDL’s objective is to provide the tools and awareness to benefit the wider community in their daily digital lives. Therefore, TDL is committed to enabling a trustworthy ecosystem that both protects the rights of citizens – who deserve the best possible products and services – and creates opportunities for businesses to develop new and protective devices, applications, and services, provided at an affordable price. To this end, TDL researches, pilots, and incubates trustworthy ICT services and technologies in an innovative environment through collaborative activities. The research and business agenda of the European Union is also a major focus for TDL.

TDL uses a variety of enabling concepts and proven instruments to advance and disseminate its vision of trustworthy digital services and platforms, which include working groups, short collaborative projects as well as conferences and events. As output from these activities, TDL provides strategic documents, recommendations, and practical demonstration usecases that are shared with partner organisations such as the European Commission, ENISA and ECSO, as well as the wider community.

TDL is responsible for co-ordinating the demonstration case on the security issues associated with the deployment of PSD2 (and GDPR) and for developing and implementing a cybersecurity roadmap in this domain. TDL also leads the communication, dissemination and exploitation work, with specific responsibility for leading the individual tasks associated with both dissemination and exploitation.