University of Piraeus (UPRC)



UPRC, established in 1983, aims to provide the institutional framework to facilitate and support the research carried out by Faculty members in the fields of economics, management and computing, emphasising the study of the Greek economy and Greek society in general. Since its establishment, UPRC has fulfilled more than 1000 research programs, many education programs, conferences and executive seminars funded by the European Union, the General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Ministries, banks, organisations of the civil sector, companies, non-profit and non-governmental organisations. UPRC has developed, implemented and continuously keep up to date documented Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with the requirements of the statutory Criteria Management Capacity for Class/Type B. UPRC participates in CyberSEc4Europe via the Security Research Lab ( of the Department of Informatics. The vision of the Security Research Lab is to support the research and educational activities of the Department in all areas of information and communication security and privacy and to promote partnerships with other public and private organizations, laboratories and institutions.

UPRC leads the demonstration use case related to the maritime transport sector. UPRC is also actively involved, mainly as a research participant, in research on cybersecurity enabling technologies, in research roadmapping for industrial challenges, in university education and training, as well as dissemination activities and in community building.