University of Porto (UP/C3P)

UP Cybersecurity and Privacy Centre ( integrates several professors and researchers from different faculties of UP, namely science, law, medicine, engineering and economics, and its mission is to provide specialized services in the multiple facets of their areas of expertise, to institutions, companies and organizations, public or private, national or foreign. The Centre also has close ties and joint contacts with the Portuguese national cybersecurity centre. All the members are certified to access confidential information by the Portuguese National Security Agency.

C3P is the leading Portuguese academic cybersecurity centre with competencies in secure distributed systems, cryptography, access control, authorization and authentication, forensic, offensive software exploitation, intrusion tolerance, secure monitoring and decentralized secure end-to-end communication channels. Besides these security core skills, C3P also has know-how in cybersecurity techniques based on big data analytics and machine learning technology. C3P participates in the work on software development in the smart cities demonstration use case, as well as the roadmap for industrial challenges for this demonstration use case.