COVID-19: A Message From CyberSec4Europe

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21 April 2020

COVID-19: A Message From CyberSec4Europe

CyberSec4Europe’s partners are currently involved in a number of approaches to help in the fight to halt the global spread of Covid-19. WATCH our message from project coordinator, Kai Rannenberg, who outlines why in this present climate the objectives of CyberSec4Europe are more important than ever.

CyberSec4Europe is continuing with the course of work outlined when we kicked off 15 months ago. But the Cybersecurity Competence Network should be ready to jump in if and when a new, unpredicted crisis occurs.

There is always room for improvement: most initiatives have not yet released source code or detailed technical specifications, but it is important to recognise – and if possible to take some comfort from – the cross-border collaboration that is taking place right now as a spontaneous human response to the crisis.

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