Cyber Sandbox Creator: A tool for creating lightweight virtual labs

Cyber Sandbox Creator (CSC) is an open-source tool for building
lightweight virtual laboratories for cybersecurity education, testing,
and certification. Since February 2020, CSC has been used in practice
numerous times and has been continuously improved to address the needs
of a broad range of users. We identified six target user roles that
can benefit from the tool: Educator, Trainee, Researcher, Developer,
Specialist, and Auditor.

To create a virtual lab environment, a knowledgeable user first writes
a sandbox definition: semi-structured text files describing virtual
machine parameters and configuration of network topology. Then, CSC
uses these files as input to generate an intermediate definition for
Vagrant and Ansible. Finally, the result is distributed to regular
users, who execute CSC to instantiate the actual virtual lab.

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