CyberSec4Europe Announces Second Insights Webinar

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17 January 2021

CyberSec4Europe Announces Second Insights Webinar

As part of the CyberSec4Europe Insights series we are pleased to announce the second webinar, Cybersecurity & Standards – How supports European specialists in the international landscape

The webinar which will take place from 11:00 – 12.00 CET, 29 January 2021 will provide:

  • A clear explanation of how 2023 can concretely enable a more effective representation of European standpoints and priorities in Standardisation landscape worldwide.
  • Financial Opportunities for ICT (and Cybersecurity) Standards specialists through the Open Calls
  • A presentation of the new EUOS – European Observatory for ICT Standardisation.
  • The critical linkage Cybersecurity and Standardisation.
  • The tangible impact of participants on the key-pillars of the Rolling Plan and DSM.

The presenters are:

  • Francesco OsimantiVice Coordinator of 2023 & Project Manager at Trust-IT Services
  • Ray WalsheEAG Chair of 2023 & Standards Leader at Dublin City University
  • Ivan Grujic – Computer Scientist at Trust-IT Services.

The webinar is free to attend – register here!