CyberSec4Europe at FIC 2021

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31 August 2021

CyberSec4Europe at FIC 2021

Next Tuesday sees the start of FIC 2021, the three-day annual International Cybersecurity Forum to be staged at the Grand Palais in Lille from 7-9 September.

FIC is the leading European conference and trade fair on cybersecurity security and digital trust. Co-organised by the Gendarmerie Nationale and CEIS (now part of Avisa Partners) with the support of the Région Hauts-de-France, last year’s event brought together over 12,500 participants representing 110 countries, including 2,500 representatives from outside Europe.

By contrast with the 2020 event that highlighted the key role of human beings in cybersecurity, FIC 2021 will focus on the major operational, industrial, technological and strategic challenges of cooperation which the event aims to:

  • Break down the barriers surrounding key cybersecurity issues by bringing together relevant actors from within key institutions
  • Accelerate the development of a European cybersecurity market
  • Promote a balanced, ethical vision of security
  • Encourage innovation and digital trust by welcoming innovative projects and start-ups
  • Build an inclusive approach to cybersecurity in the course of the digital transformation of organisations
  • Bring together ecosystems by bridging gaps between the public and private spheres, between industry and academia, and between career professionals and the practical world

CyberSec4Europe will be represented with the other three pilot projects – SPARTA, ECHO and CONCORDIA – on the DG CONNECT booth in the EU Pavilion, which will also feature ENISA, EUROPOL, the Council of Europe, the European Defence Agency as well as several H2020 cybersecurity projects.

Come and visit us and learn more about why cybersecurity matters!