Don’t Miss the Privacy Symposium 2022 in Venice!

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31 January 2022

Don’t Miss the Privacy Symposium 2022 in Venice!

CyberSec4Europe encourages you to attend the first edition of the Privacy Symposium in Venice, on 5-7 April 2022! Join us in a multi-stakeholder discussion that promotes international dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing on data protection, compliance and innovative technologies.

Over the course of two sessions, CyberSec4Europe will present the groundbreaking work carried out in developing and integrating software components into a series of innovative application demonstrator use cases. You will also get the chance to see cross-pilot collaboration in action in a joint session by CyberSec4Europe and CONCORDIA.

The conference will offer more than 70 sessions with over 150 top level experts from Europe and beyond, including US, Canada, Brazil. Japan, Singapore, etc. It brings together the legal and ICT research communities, as well as the European institutions, international organisations, national supervisory authorities, law firms, big technology companies, consulting firms, and data protection organisations.

This first edition is organised around three main axes:

Data protection compliance with innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, metaverse, Blockchain, Internet of Things, 5G, etc. How to make artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and future IoT and network technologies compliant with security and data protection by design requirements? What will be the impact of post quantum cryptography and Internet of Things on privacy? How can we leverage innovative technologies to support compliance?

Evolution of data protection regulations at national, regional and international levels. How can we ensure cybersecurity in a global Internet? What is the potential for international cooperation and convergence and is the Budapest Convention enough? What are the lessons learned from permitted government access for national security purposes?

eHealth and special categories of data processing compliance. How to develop privacy by design data spaces that enable reusability of data for research? How will the upcoming regulations on data management and artificial intelligence impact the processing and quality of medical data?

The conference also includes a whole set of sessions to present research results and ongoing development from Europe, America and Asia. For instance, sessions will be organised with the National Science Foundation to present the latest developments in the US, while there will also be dedicated sessions on Italy’s perspective on cybersecurity, data breaches in practice and the importance of cyber risk evaluation in the context of data protection.

Besides the formal sessions, a whole set of social and networking events are organised during the conference, including a gala dinner on 5 April and an informal meetup organised on Monday 4 April to give you the chance to re-connect in-person with cybersecurity experts, innovative researchers and privacy professionals. More info on the conference website soon!

You can already discover the speakers on the conference website at:

The programme itself is available at

Patronised by the Italian Supervisory Authority (GPDP), the Privacy Symposium will be hosted by the University of Venice (Ca’ Foscari), and is co-organised with the Council of Europe, the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), the IoT Forum, the Italian Association for Cyber Security (CLUSIT), the European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP), the European Federation of Data Protection Officers, the Italian Institute for Privacy (IIP) Mandat International, and several other organisations and European research projects, including CyberSec4Europe.