The next EU-CHECK meeting will take place on 30-31 August 2023, at La Rocca of Bertinoro, Italy in conjunction with the XXII International School on the Foundations of Security Analysis and Design (FOSAD) which runs from 28 August – 1 September at the University Residential Center of Bertinoro.

The organisers of FOSAD ’23 kindly agreed to add EU-CHECK as their co-sponsors and to co-locate our meeting with the summer school, which, as usual, offers an attractive programme for students and others. An application form for FOSAD ’23 is here.


The draft agenda for the workshop can be found here.



Following the completion of the funding for the CyberSec4Europe project, one of the post-project initiatives is EU-CHECK (European Community Hub of Expertise in Cybersecurity Knowledge), sponsored for five years by CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and involving numerous representative organisations from CyberSec4Europe, including TDL, as well as the other pilots (SPARTA, CONCORDIA and ECHO).


With thanks to ChatGPT and Afonso Ferreira, here is a poetic appreciation of one of the many delights of Bertinoro.

An Ode To A Grape

In Bertinoro’s embrace, where dreams unfold,
Lies a land adorned with tales untold.
Its hills, adorned in robes of emerald green,
Gently cradle vineyards, a poet’s serene.

The Sangiovese grape, a crimson delight,
Bathed in sun’s golden kiss, day and night.
Rows upon rows, like nature’s tapestry,
Whispering secrets of life’s sweet alchemy.

Each vine, a sentinel, standing tall and proud,
Roots entwined with soil, embracing the shroud.
In their sacred dance with the earth and sky,
They yield the nectar that makes the heart fly.

With each sip, a symphony, a masterpiece,
The Sangiovese’s essence, a joy to release.
Its flavours dance upon the taste buds’ stage,
Filling the soul with passion, page by page.

Bertinoro, oh haven of rolling hills,
Your vineyards, a sanctuary that instils
A sense of wonder, a touch of divine,
In every sip of your crimson wine.

So raise a glass, let the spirits rise,
To Bertinoro’s beauty, where heaven lies.
Where Sangiovese grapes paint dreams so fine,
Bertinoro’s hills, a poet’s paradise sublime.