28 June 2021

Blueprinting (Brown/Green) field Technology Adoption for the Open Banking+ Eco-System


28 June 2021

The post-COVID era has brought into sharper focus the need for strategic steps responsive to the reshaping of business, services and life/work-styles in an environment of massively increased uncertainty. Notably the financial sector has seen the rise of online everything and the demise of non-essential location-specific service models; the rise of Super Banking APPS and the vision of one-stop shop open digital banking in what has become increasingly a Platform Economy; the rise of Blockchains Based Banking, payable smart contracts, mobile money, crypto-currencies and ICOs, tokenisation, emerging secure currencies eco-system etc.

The pressing need to support the operational frontline within the fastest evolving competitive market the banking sector has ever known, call for rapid but carefully measured transformative steps to continually reinvent the value proposition with an unrelenting focus on customer experience through a competitive blend of platform-based and traditional banking services responsive to COVID-adapted everything else.

The workshop focus is on the twin challenges of identifying i) the Brownfield Adoption of high priority use-cases that can be incrementally integrated with the core legacy systems; and, ii) the new transformative vertical solution stacks as candidates to be Greenfield adopted and incubated, responsive to disruptive technologies and emerging business models, to offer a more digitally agile blend of customer-centric open and traditional banking for sustainable success.

The workshop will be organised by the Critical-Chains Consortium as a webinar to be held on Monday 28th June.

We invite all interested parties to participate and in particular potential first adopters of emerging innovation, from Critical-Chain and other projects to join our Sectoral Demonstrator Partner, POSTEIT, and other participants from the financial sector to help focus the reflections on the essential challenges.

 Session 1: Responding to Salient Trends in Customer-Centric Open Digital Banking 

10:00 – 10:10 

Welcome and Overview of the Workshop, Silvia Denegri – RINA Consulting S.p.A., Critical-Chains 

10:10 – 10:25 

Methodologically-Guided Competitive Strategy Thinking for Agile Technology Adoption to support Value Proposition and Sustainable Success in rapidly re-shaping environments 

Prof. Atta Badii, University of Reading, Critical-Chains Consortium 

Session 2: Optimising Twin Brown/Green-field Technology Adoption Strategies 

10:25– 11:10 

Demonstration of Critical-Chains Innovation for Brown/Green-field Adoption supported by the Critical-Chains Integrated Framework 

  • Integrated Secure Authentication and Distance Bounding for Remote Access Control, Dr. Alper Kanak, ERARGE and Mr. Gert-Jan van Schaik, IMEC 
  • Banking Pilot application, Vito Domizio, EY 
  • Fintech Pilot Application, Marco Avallone, Poste Italiane 
  • Insurtech Pilot Application, Gerardo Volpone and Vito Domizio, EY and Onur Gümüş, NETAŞ 
  • • Highway Toll Collection Pilot Application, Juan Manuel Castro Arias, INDRA 
  • • Critical-Chains Main Framework (Onur Gümüş, NETAŞ) 

11:10- 11:30 

External use-cases to frame solution provider and stakeholders needs and implementation challenges in finance and banking environment 

  • Experience from Alexandr Chevtaev, SDX Network 
  • Experience from Giorgio Carbone, Ub technologies BV 

Session 3: Investigating Financial Sector Challenges (Regulatory, Security-Privacy Protection, Business potential, Interoperability) 

11:30 – 11:55 

Panel Discussion: Stakeholders in finance/banking sector and Subject Matter Experts (CaixaBank from CONCORDIA project, Ub technologies, SDX Networks, Poste Italiane, EY, ERARGE, IMEC, NETAŞ and INDRA) 

Innovation Adoption Strategy in a Rapidly Challenging environment for the Traditional and Open Banking 

Moderator: Prof. Atta Badii (University of Reading, Critical-Chains Consortium) 


  • Traditional & Open Banking Challenges 
  • The Emergent Business & Service Models 
  • The Platform Economy and the Emerging Secure Currencies Eco-System etc. 
  • The Regulatory and Privacy-Security Challenges 


Closing Remarks, Silvia Denegri – RINA Consulting S.p.A., Critical-Chains