17 December 2021

Financial Sector Cyber-Physical Security Solutions

Re-architecting Traditional Banking Facing Rapid Evolution of Technology and Fraud


17 December 2021



Financial Sector Cyber-Physical Security Solutions
Re-architecting Traditional Banking facing Rapid Evolution of Technology and Fraud
Friday 17th December 2021, 10:00- 12:50 CET (Webinar)

Session 1: Needs Must: Re-inventing Banking for Security & Integrity in the new Financial Sector 10:00 – 10:10 Welcome & Overview of the Workshop, Silvia Denegri– RINA Consulting, Critical-Chains Consortium.

10:10 – 10:20 Thematic Perspective: Contextualising the Critical-Chain Mission to support the Financial Security Protection in the rapidly evolving threat landscape: Countering Cyber Attacks & Fraud in the New Open and Mobile Financial Services – Prof. Atta Badii, University of Reading, Critical-Chains Consortium

Session 2: Innovations to Support Security and Sustainable Success in the Financial Sector

10:20– 11:40 Demonstration of Critical-Chains Innovation supported by the Critical-Chains Integrated Framework https://research.reading.ac.uk/critical-chains/

  • Critical-Chains Banking & Fintech Pilot Application Massimiliano Aschi, POSTE ITALIANE – Critical Chains Sectoral Demonstrator Partner
  • Critical-Chains Insurtech Pilot Application Vito Domizio (EY)
  • Critical-Chains Highway Toll Collection Pilot Application Juan Castro (INDRA), and Integration Partner NETAS
  • Critical-Chains AI-Enabled Intrusion Detection and Reaction System Matthias PERROD (CEA)
  • Critical-Chains User-In-Range Verification – Application in Pandemic Restrictions Compliance Audit (Case Study: Insurance Claims Settlement) Dr Alper Kanak (ERARGE), Gert-Jan van Schaik (IMEC)
  • • Critical-Chains Scalable Blockchain Solutions in FinTech Silver Kelk (Guardtime)

11:40- 11:55

• CyberSec4Europe Perspectives on Open Banking David Goodman (Trust in Digital Life), CyberSec4Europe Project– (https://cybersec4europe.eu/)

11:55- 12:10

• Value3S Verification and Validation of Automated Systrms in the Chain Dr Salih Ergun (ERARGE), – Value3S Project (https://valu3s.eu/)

Session 3: One-Stop-Shop-Banking-as-a-Service- The New Face of Sustainable Success in Banking of the Future

12-10 – 12:45 Panel Discussion: Stakeholders (Finance/banking entities, subject matter experts) Innovation Adoption Strategy in a Rapidly Challenging Environment for the Traditional and Open Banking. – Facilitator: Professor Atta Badii (University of Reading, Critical-Chains Consortium) Themes:

  • Traditional & Open Banking Challenges
  • The Emergent Business & Service Models
  • The Platform Economy and the Emerging Secure Currencies Eco-System etc.
  • The Regulatory, and Privacy-Security Challenges – Excelling in Coopetition & Regulatory Compliance ……

12:45-12:50 Closing Remarks: Silvia Denegri Critical-Chains Consortium.