SPARTA session

In response to the EU’s objectives, uphold its interests, and contribute to its strategic autonomy, the SPARTA consortium assembled a rich and diverse set of actors at the intersection of scientific excellence, technological innovation, and societal sciences in cybersecurity. In this session, SPARTA presented its main achievements, including the SPARTA Roadmap or the SPARTA Cybersecurity Skills Framework, as well as demonstrations of breakthrough capabilities developed by its programs.

The SPARTA session is here with the presenter’s bio below:

Augustin Lemesle

Augustin Lemesle is a research engineer at the Software Safety and Security Laboratory at CEA. He works at the application of formal methods to artificial intelligence safety verification both as part of academic or industrial projects. Since 2019 he has been part of the SPARTA coordination team and since 2020 he has acted as the Technical Manager of the ENSURESEC project.