Threat Intelligence in the Financial Sector Focus Group

  • Challenges and Opportunities for CTI Financial Sector
  • CTI interoperability and Data Exchange
  • Privacy-preserving Approach in CTI Exchange Models

The Threat Intelligence in the Financial Sector Focus Group session is here, with speaker bios below.

Dr Ramón Martín de Pozuelo, CONCORDIA

Ramón Martín de Pozuelo received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Telecommunications Engineering and a Ph.D. in ICT and its Management (all with honours) at La Salle School of Engineering from Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), Barcelona in 2007, 2010, and 2017 respectively. As a researcher in La Salle he participated in several European research and innovation projects related to different fields, especially in the design of heterogeneous data networks and information systems for smart grids and smart cities, and the definition of network architectures, ICT and security solutions. In 2018 he joined as a Project Manager for Technical Fraud Prevention and Security Innovation and Transformation in which he has been managing the participation of CXB in several H2020 projects. Ramón is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE, since 2018).

Jose Francisco Ruiz, CONCORDIA

Jose Francisco Ruiz is a senior cybersecurity consultant and technical project manager at Atos. He obtained his bachelor degree and Master thesis degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Malaga in 2008 and 2012 respectively and is currently finishing his Ph.D. focused on cybersecurity engineering. He has been working in European research projects for more than twelve years in different organisations across Europe. He has led cybersecurity research activities and acted as technical project manager in many different projects, among others in: FP6 Serenity (security and dependability for AmI), FP7 SecFutur (security engineering for systems of systems) and Coco Cloud (security in the cloud). He is involved in several H2020 projects as technical project coordinator of VisiOn (security and privacy for public administrations) and project coordinator of FISHY (cybersecurity for supply chain). Previously he was project coordinator of SMESEC (cybersecurity for SMEs) and led the research and creation of a cybersecurity agenda for collaboration of Europe and Japan in EUNITY. His interests include cybersecurity engineering, cybersecurity in the cloud, data protection, and distributed systems. He also has several publications in national and international conferences, journals and books and has served on organisation committees and as a reviewer at different conferences and workshops. Finally, he is a member of the Atos cybersecurity expert community and ECSO’s  scientific and innovation committee  as well as co-chair of the cybersecurity for verticals sub-working group.

Dr Antonio Skarmeta, CyberSec4Europe

Antonio Skarmeta received a M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Granada and B.S. (Hons.) and the Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Murcia. Since 2009 he has been Full Professor in the same University.department. Antonio has worked on different national and international research projects in the networking, security and IoT areas, like ENABLE, DAIDALOS, SWIFT, SEMIRAMIS, SMARTIE, SOCIOTAL and IoT6 and is now involved in CyberSec4Europe and BIECO. He coordinates the H2020 project IoTCrawler focusing on IoT advanced discovery on IPv6 networks and OLYMPUS on privacy preserving identity management His main interest is in the integration of IPv6, security services, identity, IoT and smart cities. He has been head of the research group ANTS since its creation on 1995. He is also advisor to the vice-rector of research of the University of Murcia for international projects and head of the International Research Project Office. Since 2014 until 2010 he has been Spanish National Representative for the MSCA within H2020. He has published over 200 international papers and is member of several program committees. He has also participated in several standardisation for the like of IETF, ISO and ETSI and has been nominated as IPv6 Forum Fellow. Dr. Skarmeta it is owner of several patents on telemonitoring-based IoT solutions. He is also CTO of the spin-off company Odin Solution S.L. (OdinS) in the area of IoT and smart infrastructure.