CyberSec4Europe’s Roadmap for Privacy-Preserving Identity Management
In most identity management scenarios there are different interests at play. Users are characterised by the different attributes that make up their identity Service providers must verify that users comply with the necessary conditions to access services. These requirements may simply involve the knowledge of the typical username and password combination or include more sensitive data such as the user’s ... Read More

21 January 2021

CyberSec4Europe Announces Second Insights Webinar
As part of the CyberSec4Europe Insights series we are pleased to announce the second webinar, Cybersecurity & Standards – How supports European specialists in the international landscape The webinar which will take place from 11:00 – 12.00 CET, 29 January 2021 will provide: A clear explanation of how 2023 can concretely enable a more effective representation of European standpoints and ... Read More

17 January 2021

CONVERGENCE: When The Legislation And The Four Pilots Converged
In 2019 the European Union funded four innovative projects to pilot the proposed legislation on a European cybersecurity competence centre and network of cybersecurity expertise. As the legislation edges ever closer to approval by the European Parliament, the four pilot projects, CyberSec4Europe, SPARTA, CONCORDIA and ECHO, organised for the first time a single online collaborative event, CONVERGENCE, from 9-11 December, that highlighted the ... Read More

18 December 2020

Security Through Encryption And Security Despite Encryption
The resolution acknowledges the benefits of strong cryptography security , yet it also states that: … law enforcement is increasingly dependent on access to electronic evidence to effectively fight terrorism, organised crime, child sexual abuse. In order to support law enforcement agencies, the resolution asks for “lawful and targeted” access to encrypted data through competent authorities.In response to this resolution, ... Read More

11 December 2020

Recommending Policies: How To Make A Difference
CyberSec4Europe partners provide policy recommendations as a result of attending workshops, conferences and diverse meetings under the auspices of organisations such as ECSO, ENISA, the European Data Protection Supervisor and others. Proactively, important elements of the work performed during the course of the project itself, particularly in the context of the roadmapping work, form the basis of what can make ... Read More

05 October 2020


🔔"The final goal of @CyberSec4Europe’s research on privacy-preserving identity management (pp-IdM) is to provide a set of advanced mechanisms that can be integrated in various scenarios"

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