Security, Privacy and Usability – can we have them all?
In CyberSec4Europe we have collected a variety of different methods and lessons learned into a report that considers the problems related to combining security, privacy and usability. There are still many open research questions and even trade-offs between these three features that seem necessary today. We hope that in the future we can solve many of these and that usability ... Read More

20 January 2020

Designing a Governance Structure for Europe’s Cybersecurity Community
We are striving to make Europe more secure and more competitive: a global leader in cybersecurity. However, there are still some hurdles to realising this ambitious goal. Insufficient cooperation between Member States, industry and academia is leading to the isolation of research and development, as well as to a skills shortage; insufficient investment is not helping matters either. The ultimate ... Read More

09 January 2020


Security, Privacy and Usability - can we have them all?

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