The EU Cybersecurity Skill Gap Is Bleeding – But You Can Help Heal It!

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20 September 2022

The EU Cybersecurity Skill Gap Is Bleeding – But You Can Help Heal It!

Cybersecurity occupations have been facing a persistent staff shortage for years. Most recently the situation has been exacerbated by ongoing cyber events like the cyber-attacks as a result of the war on Ukraine which are a grim reminder of the urgency with which this shortfall in cybersecurity expertise needs to be addressed.

It is crucial to educate and train new experts, which in turn requires understanding the educational needs of key cybersecurity occupations. But which skills should be covered by curricula at European universities to satisfy the current and future needs in cybersecurity?


Join us in a grassroots approach to answering where we, Europe’s cybersecurity community, assess the relevance of specific fundamental skills in the performance of six different job profiles:

  • Technical cybersecurity auditor
  • Threat modelling engineer
  • Security engineer
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Enterprise cybersecurity practitioner
  • General cybersecurity auditor

These profiles come from ECSO, the European Cyber Security Organisation, and from a use case in entry/exit systems for border control. Have your say in which skills are needed for these occupations, by filling in the five-minute survey below, on your mobile or laptop.