Work Package 6

Cybersecurity Skills and Capability Building (WP6)

The education and training framework under development is aiming to support continuing education and lifelong learning in the area of cybersecurity for a wide audience, including university students, professionals and the general public.

Setting an education and training framework and related instruments in CyberSec4Europe is to support continuing education and lifelong learning in the area of cybersecurity and is organised to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Governance models and the full transfer of the pilot results to the future Centre’s operations. This activity specifies learning objectives and competences required to develop and enhance cybersecurity skills for different profiles and roles.

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This package of work:

  • specifies knowledge units and curricula, training and awareness to achieve such objectives and competences
  • sets activities to apply and test such competencies
  • implements the CyberSec4Europe education strategy for citizens, students, and professionals through the creation and promotion of the CyberSec4Europe brand and of the guidelines and procedures to produce and consume content from platforms developed in the activity on tools and infrastructure (WP7).

The aim of the project is not to produce all possible content required to implement the specified educational and training programmes, but instead to set and run its platforms as a capability-building instrument open to external sources and third-party material outside the consortium (if they meet guidelines and quality standards), which would allow the programme to be bootstrapped into the future beyond the project.

The workpackage runs full synchronised cycles on review, design and pilot delivery.

Watch Fabio Massacci discussing the ambitions and plans for education and training.


JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Karlstad University

Politecnico di Torino (POLITO)

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

University of Trento (UNITN)

  • Fabio Massacci
  • Pierantonia Sterlini

University of Murcia (UMU)

University of Maribor(UM)

University of Piraeus (UPRC)