CyberSec4Europe is designing, testing and demonstrating potential governance structures for a future European Cybersecurity Competence Network using best practice examples derived from concepts like CERN as well the expertise and experience of partners.

What is CyberSec4Europe?

As a research project, CyberSec4Europe is working towards harmonising the journey from the development of software components that fit the requirements identified by a set of short- and long-term roadmaps, leading to a series of consequent recommendations. These are tied to the project’s real-world demonstration use cases that address cybersecurity challenges within the vertical sectors of digital infrastructure, finance, government and smart cities, healthcare and transportation.

Why is it necessary?

CyberSec4Europe’s long-term goal and vision are of a European Union that has all the capabilities required to secure and maintain a healthy democratic society, living according to European constitutional values, with regard to, for example, privacy and data sharing, and being a world-leading digital economy.

What are the objectives?

CyberSec4Europe’s main objective is to pilot the consolidation and future projection of the cybersecurity capabilities required to secure and maintain European democracy and the integrity of the Digital Single Market. CyberSec4Europe has translated this broad objective into measurable, concrete steps: three policy objectives, three technical objectives and two innovation objectives.

What are the objectives?

Policy Objectives

  • To pave the way for a sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem through the development and pilot operation of a feasible governance model for a Cybersecurity Competence Network, thoroughly tested through successful pilot projects addressing important industrial challenges in the areas of health, smart cities, finance, maritime transportation and supply chain management.
  • To meet the Member States’ next generation cybersecurity challenges through strengthening research and innovation competence and cybersecurity capacities, both at the national as well as at the European level.
  • To secure EU’s digital economy, society, democracy and infrastructure through the establishment of foundations for pooling and streamlining the development and deployment of cybersecurity technology and strengthening industrial capabilities.

Technical Objectives

  • To create a research and development programme with a common research and innovation roadmap reflecting all different cybersecurity sectors and covering a wide range of activities from research to testing.
  • To revolutionize the spectrum of education and training in cybersecurity by developing a novel cybersecurity skills framework model for both education providers and employers leading to a better cybersecurity workforce.
  • To provide services to the community including the support of certification authorities with testing and validation labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

Innovation Objectives

  • To facilitate leadership in cybersecurity by developing novel solutions, products, and services for critical challenges that significantly increase the resilience of the Digital Single Market.
  • To reduce fragmentation of resources by using synergies between experts across cybersecurity domains and building bridges between researchers and industrial communities.