Assessing Cyber-Security Risk Using “Capture the Flags”
At the 'Cyber Risk as an Experimental Discipline' Symposium of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Annual Meeting, one of CyberSec4Europe’s partners, the University of Trento will present their work of cyber-security risk assessment using Capture the Flags.

05 December 2019

Common Framework for CyberSec4Europe
The aim is to provide common research support for the different work packages within the project, especially coordinated with the road mapping and demonstration use case activities, connecting research and innovation with the industrial sectors covered. This first outcome of this work aims to assess the level of originality, detail, sustainability and conformity of the models and results to the ... Read More

28 November 2019


👁️one vision
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4⃣ pilot projects (@concordiah2020 @ECHOcybersec @sparta_eu and @CyberSec4Europe)
Together to develop a common #cybersecurity and #research #innovation roadmap. 🗺️🛡️
Watch the CCN video here: