CyberSec4Europe Offers Complementary Input To Cybersecurity Competence Network Governance
PRESS RELEASE 17 March 2020, BRUSSELS: CyberSec4Europe is offering essential input on the governance structure of the European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre and Network of National Coordination Centres (NNCC). The legislative proposal for establishment of this body was first published by the European Commission in September 2018 and had its first reading in the European Parliament on ... Read More

18 March 2020

A Mapping of Cybersecurity Standards and Research Challenges
Global technology companies are active in pushing their terminology and technological concepts into standardisation processes. The European technology companies, including the cybersecurity industry, should engage in the same practice. Especially as through European collaboration by multiple Member States, there will be more impact in such activities. Why standardisation? Even though standardisation is a long-term strategy with no immediate return on investment, it ... Read More

06 March 2020


📣 Check out Mark Miller, @CONCEPTIVITY_CH, describe how CyberSec4Europe is engaging with the European institutions and other key cybersecurity stakeholders in Europe.
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