Leadership, Sovereignty, and Security: Why Europe Should Lead, Rather Than Follow
Recently, the Mozilla Corporation—the company behind the open source browser Firefox—announced an unprecedented lay-off. This lay-off concerns mostly the teams working on Rust, a new security focused programming language, and Servo, a new web browser engine implementation. These decisions were chiefly driven by an attempt to monetize the Mozilla Corporation. This could have a devastating effect on the browser ecosystem. ... Read More

14 September 2020

The Cyber Competence Network, comprising the four pilots CyberSec4Europe, SPARTA, CONCORDIA and ECHO, are delighted to announce a two-day concertation event from 9-11 December to be hosted in Brussels at the Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU. The event plans to highlight to the European cybersecurity stakeholder community the progress that’s is being made in harnessing European ... Read More

09 September 2020

Dawex Awarded ‘Technology Pioneer’ by the World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum has stated that “innovation is critical to the future well-being of society and to driving economic growth”. For its 20th edition, the World Economic Forum has appointed CyberSec4Europe partner, Dawex, for its leadership, innovation and impact as a pioneer of the data economy. Dawex will participate in a two-year programme, joining the World Economic Forum Global ... Read More

07 July 2020

The Security and Privacy Tale of Three Smart Cities
Following From Ship to Shore: Securing Maritime Transport, the second piece of the puzzle is about smart cities, involving the municipalities of Murcia, Porto and Genoa. A fundamental aspect of smart cities is the generation, analysis and sharing of large quantities of data. Smart city technologies capture data about people and places to all forms of privacy, and day by ... Read More

19 June 2020


Investing in Internet infrastructure for all European citizens – should we save the technologies behind Mozilla?

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