CyberSec4Europe – working together to boost the security of all citizens of the European Union in their everyday digital transactions.

CyberSec4Europe is a research and innovation pilot for the planned European Cybersecurity Competence Centre in Bucharest and the Network of cybersecurity expertise.

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    CyberSec4Europe's 43 partners, from 22 EU Member States and Associated Countries, are addressing key cybersecurity domains, critical technology/application elements and several key vertical sectors, including finance, education, smart cities, healthcare, supply chain and maritime transport.

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    The experience of CyberSec4Europe partners and its growing number of Associates across all cybersecurity issues is making a major contribution to securing the safety of European citizens and businesses.

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    The work of CyberSec4Europe demonstrates how industry, academia and policymakers can most successfully collaborate to enable the Network to thrive, and to maximise its potential.

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Where Is the Balance Between the Benefits and the Risk Associated with Artificial (general) Intelligence?
Where Is the Balance Between the Benefits and the Risk Associated with Artificial (general) Intelligence?

06 December 2023

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  • EU-CHECK Summer Workshop 2023

    The next EU-CHECK meeting will take place on 30-31 August 2023, at La Rocca of Bertinoro, Italy in conjunction with the FOSAD Summer School

    30 - 31 August 2023

    CONVERGENCE 2023 is a 2-day single track event to be held over the course of 30 November – 1 December in conjunction with EU-CHECK and other partners

    30 - 1 December 2023

CyberSec4Europe is a pilot for a future European Cybersecurity Competence Network – a new digital ecosystem built of a network of centres of cybersecurity expertise, with a central hub.

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    We design, test and demonstrate potential governance structures for a future European Cybersecurity Competence Network using best practice examples derived from concepts like CERN as well the expertise and experience of partners.

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    CyberSec4Europe has a significant network of competence centres to coordinate research work by pooling resources and investments to align cybersecurity efforts across Europe.

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    In accordance with transparency and all publications produced by the project partners for CyberSec4Europe will be published here as they become available.

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