The work carried out by the CyberSec4Europe can best be described as containing four interconnected pillars:

– Governance, design and pilot (WP2)
– From research and innovation to industry (WP3-WP4-WP5)
– Education, training and standardisation (WP6-WP7-WP8)
– Communication and community building (WP9-WP10)

More detailed information about each of the work packages, including contact details for each of the work package leaders can be found here.

Project Management and Coordination (WP1)

The coordination activity deals with the overall strategic and operational management of CyberSec4Europe and the cooperation between project partners.

Governance Design and Pilot (WP2)

This activity aims to coordinate the research and formative actions tackled by CyberSec4Europe as well as combining technical requirements and empirical best practices to designing the governance structure for the Network; trialing this by, for example, aligning research and teaching competencies across institutions.

Blueprint Design and Common Research (WP3)

This activity is defining the common research, development and innovation in next generation cybersecurity technologies (including dual-use), applications and services with a focus on horizontal cybersecurity technologies and cybersecurity in critical sectors (e.g. energy, transport, health, finance).

Research and Development Roadmap (WP4)

Responsibility for the definition of a common Research and Innovation Roadmap includes research, development and innovation activities that will enable an innovative and multidisciplinary research into cybersecurity with the aim of reducing fragmentation of cybersecurity research in Europe.

Demonstration Use Cases (WP5)

The use cases identified for CyberSec4Europe provide the common research, development and innovation concepts to be developed by design and research activity (WP3), ensuring their integration in to the demonstration cases in each of the project phases.

Cybersecurity Skills and Capability Building (WP6)

The education and training framework under development is aiming to support continuing education and lifelong learning in the area of cybersecurity for a wide audience, including university students, professionals and the general public.

Open tools and infrastructures for certification and validation (WP7)

WP7 will examine and provide open tools and infrastructures for certification and validation, in close relation to education and standardisation.

Standardisation (WP8)

This work item maintains contact and collaboration with standards developing organisations (SDOs) with the aim of linking the technical work of the project to standards.

Dissemination, Outreach, Spreading of Competence, Raising Awareness, Exploitation (WP9)

CyberSec4Europe’s communication team disseminates the findings of the project effectively aiming at engaging key stakeholders for knowledge sharing, launching an effective internal and external communications strategy, while assisting the rest of the project to meet their outreach objectives.

Community empowerment and innovation fostering (WP10)

CyberSec4Europe pro-actively manages collaboration and interaction with external entities, namely, the European institutions, cybersecurity communities, ecosystem innovators, the other three pilot projects (ECHO, CONCORDIA and SPARTA) and other cybersecurity projects.