Exploitation and Innovation Assets

Although the culmination of the latter phase of the project’s exploitation and innovation strategy review was the nomination of two winners based on the evaluation of two external independent reviewers, we consistently asserted that everyone, every organisation that worked so industriously over the four year lifetime of CyberSec4Europe and generated such high quality results, that all of them are winners and are listed below in posterity.

Having said that the two winning entries, SecCerts and EBIDS, have been put forward to the H2020 Results Platform on behalf of the project.

In addition, TDL will track the evolution of the assets generated by the project over the next two-three years.

    • OASC (No exploitable assets)
    • TDL
      • New and enhanced areas of research and collaboration
      • SME cybersecurity awareness
  • ABI Lab (No exploitable assets)
  • BBVA (Collaboration with ISPS)
  • i-BP
    • OBSIDIAN (Open Banking Sensitive Data Sharing Network For Europe)
  • ISPS
    • Incident reporting platform
  • GEN  (Collaboration with ENG)
  • ATOS
    • SPEIDI (Service Provider eIdentity Infrastructure)
    • TIE (Threat Intelligence Integrator)
    • DANS (Data Anonymisation Service)
    • AIRE (Atos Incident Reporting Engine)
    • FE2MED (Functional Encryption To Medical Data)
    • eIDAS – FranceConnect
  • ENG
    • RATING (Risk Assessment Tool for Integrated Governance)
    • TO4SEE (Assessment Tools for Social Engineering Exposure)
    • CaPe (Consent-based Personal Data Suite)
  • NEC
    • Blockchain Platform
    • Elastic TEE (Trusted Execution Environment)
    • Subversion-resilient TEE
  • SIE
    • Workflow Compliance Assurance
    • Workflow Compliance Accountability
  • VTT
    • CryptoVault
    • EEVEHAC (End-to-End Visualizably Encrypted and Human Authenticated Channel)
Research Institutes
  • AIT
    • FlexProd
  • CNR
    • EBIDS (Ensemble Based Intrusion Detection System)
    • UASD (Unauthorized App Store Discovery)
    • GENERAL_D (GDPR-based Enforcement of Personal Data)
    • SYSVER
    • Dissemination, publications, expertise, future projects, etc
    • BowTie++ & CORAS
    • PKI demonstrator
Legal firms
  • TLEX
    • Development of Timelex Cybersecurity Helpdesk
    • Expansion of legal work in cybersecurity-related innovation actions
    • Provision of legal assistance to clients
  • CONCEPT (No exploitable assets)
  • VAF  (No exploitable assets)
  • ARCH  (No exploitable assets)
    • Sharemind
    • PLEAK (Privacy Leakage Analysis Tools)
    • Secure maritime communication prototype
    • Certification assistant
  • ICITA (No exploitable assets)
Universities (with exploitable assets)
  • BRNO
    • Cyber Sandbox Creator
    • SecCerts
  • CTI
    • PP-SSI Management
  • JAMK
    • Flagship
  • NTNU
    • Guidelines for monitoring and enhancement of societal security awareness
  • UCD
    • Adaptive Authentication
  • UCY
    • EvilText
    • HoneyGen
    • Modssi-hmac
  • UM
    • GDPR guidelines
  • UMA
    • HADES
    • JUDAS (JSON Users and Device Analysis Tool)
    • PMEC (Privacy Manager for IoT data based on Edge Computing Technologies)
  • UMU
    • dp-ABC or ppIdM
    • pp-CTI
    • Privacy-by-design for highly-sensitive data (genomic data)
    • RoCe (Risk of Compromise Estimation)
    • Educational Framework
  • UPRC
    • MITIGATE (Evidence-driven Maritime Supply Chain Risk Assessment)
    • HAMSTERS (Human–centred Assessment and Modelling to Support Task Engineering for Resilient Systems)
    • HAMSTERS Extended
Universities (without exploitable assets)
  • C3P
    • Improvements to assets
  • DTU
    • Internal developments
  • GUF
    • Educational courses
    • Research proposals
  • KAU
    • Internal and collaborative development
  • KUL
    • Scientific dissemination, teaching and future research
    • Improvements to assets
  • TUD
    • Improvements to university courses