Across all the project work activities, CyberSec4Europe has come up with a number of recommendations intended for the attention of policymakers and strategists in government, industry, standards bodies and academia.

Here are a few examples:

Support for novel privacy-preserving technologies including data sharing for COVID-19

Europe has traditionally been a leader in the area of data protection and privacy. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has demonstrated this leadership by completely changing the legal landscape of data collection, data processing and data protection; significantly, it has been used as the basis for similar regulations in other jurisdictions. Read more

The provision of  greater emphasis on cybersecurity topics including security-by-design and privacy-by-design in University curricula

Certain cybersecurity topics have not attracted the attention they deserve in university curricula. Some of these cyber topics will have broad applicability in the near future. Read more

The adoption of a common eIDAS-based trust framework for Member State digital identity trust schemes

On the back of the eIDAS regulation entering into force on 29 September 2018, it became mandatory for Member States to enable cross-border recognition of eIDs, allowing citizens and businesses to share their identity data when necessary. Read more