Our Results

The scope of CyberSec4Europe’s work is best described through the following:

Work packages

The work carried out by the CyberSec4Europe partners is based on four interrelated pillars comprising a number of distinct work packages:

– Governance, design and pilot (WP2)
– From research and innovation to industry (WP3-WP4-WP5)
– Education, training and standardisation (WP6-WP7-WP8)
– Communication and community building (WP9-WP10)

More detailed information about each of the work packages, including contact details for each of the work package leaders can be found here.


CyberSec4Europe publishes all of its public project deliverables which are available for download. Those deliverables not yet formally reviewed or accepted are marked with*

Latest results

In addition to the deliverables that CyberSec4Europe partners create, we would also like to share more results emerging from the project that are not available in the reports. This content will be constantly emerging over the remaining months of the project!