The Italian National Research Council is the main public research organization in Italy. It consists of about 100 distinct research institutes from human sciences to ICT. CNR has a specific competence in cyber security with three CNR institutes participating in the project: ICAR, IIEIT, ISTI.

ICAR offers both theoretical and applied research in the areas of high performance computing (cloud computing, parallel and distributed environments and advanced technologies for the Internet) with emphasis on intelligent systems with complex functionality (cognitive systems and robotics, knowledge representation, extraction and reasoning, human-computer interface, optimization). To address the relationship between new technology, business models, and data processes and values ICAR-CNR develops applications in the areas of e-health, energy, security, bioinformatics, cultural heritage, and smart cities.

IEIIT carries out advanced scientific and technological research in the area of information engineering covering fields of telecommunications, computer and systems engineering, applied electromagnetics, electronics, control, robotics and bioengineering.

ISTI works in the area of information science and technologies and is strongly committed to producing scientific excellence and to playing an active role in technology transfer and education.

CNR will be mainly active in identifying, developing and integrating the security techniques and methodologies needed by CyberSec4Europe. CNR participates in the “Smart Cities” use case.