12 - 13 January 2021

First Flagship Challenge Exercise


12 - 13 January 2021

CyberSec4Europe’s first FlagShip Challenge is being organised by JYVSECTEC, JAMK’s cybersecurity research, development and training centre. It is a technical cyber exercise, but will also be a fun, educational and inspiring as well as offering purposeful roles for attendees with varying both technical and non-technical backgrounds. The event is currently only available to CyberSec4Europe partners.

  • The exercise in general: There will be a prepared background story for the exercise, which will be opened for the participants before the exercise. At a generic level, the exercise will model a situation “at the office” where the exercise organisation does not know what kind of incident they may face, by whom and who are the motivators behind it, and how did the incident got started: more info will follow later.
  • Role of the participants: A separate survey will be sent to enquire about individuals’ preferred role in the exercise which may vary from hands-on technical roles to more managerial or leadership role, or an observer role with no hands-on activities. Most of the participants will be assigned to an employee, a consultant, or service provider role in a fictional organisation. There may be several fictional organisations in the exercise.
  • The exercise environment is based on JAMK’s Realistic Global Cyber Environment (RGCE), a large scale cybersecurity research, development and training environment running on a private cloud. The environment realistically models the Internet and its services. For example, there are ISPs (Internet Service Providers) who provide connectivity and services for the exercise organisations. The organisations have environments realistically modelled, both technically and operationally.

For more information about FlagShip 1 including a cool animation video, visit the FlagShip website