13 - 15 November 2019

Cybersecurity For Europe 2019

The first CyberSec4Europe concertation event brought together significant European cybersecurity stakeholders in Toulouse, 13-15 November!


13 - 15 November 2019


Hôtel de Région, Toulouse
22, boulevard du maréchal Juin 31406 Toulouse Cedex 9


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The first CyberSec4Europe concertation event brought together significant European cybersecurity stakeholders including the four pilot projects and took place at the Hôtel de Région,  22 Boulevard du Maréchal Juin, 31400 Toulouse from 13-15 November 2019. With three days of collaboration, conversation and networking, this was a very special event!

  • Featuring high-level industrial, academic and governmental perspectives from DG CONNECT, the Occitanie Region, the French Government as well as the wider European cybersecurity community.
  • Opportunities to hear each of the four pilots explain their results so far and to explore synergies with the other pilots and other significant stakeholders.

The event programme keynotes and panels included:

  • Cybersecurity policy
  • Recommendations for cybersecurity research and innovation
  • European cybersecurity governance
  • Good practices in data sharing for incident handling
  • Who’s calling? Managing identities in the cyber world
  • The future of European cybersecurity

The event attracted around 150 participants comprising a comprehensive representation from the cybersecurity ecosystem and the stakeholder community, including but not limited to: the public sector (the European Commission, the Occitanie Region, and ENISA are planned), the private sector (large companies, SMEs), the research and academic community (from all over Europe), and civil society (NGOs, citizens advocacy organisations).

The event also included analyses and recommendations for cybersecurity actions to be undertaken within or resulting from the context of the CyberSec4Europe project and the other Cybersecurity Competence Centre pilot projects.

With more than 8000 research staff from over 100 research units, Toulouse is at the forefront of technological research, playing host to highly innovative companies like Airbus, Orange, Thales, Continental, and Groupe BPCE (Banque Populaire Caisse d’Epargne), among others. In particular, there are more than 3000 cybersecurity professionals in the Occitanie Region, which is partnered with CyberSec4Europe in the organisation of the event. Cybersecurity for Europe 2019 was organised locally by Université Paul Sabatier, and the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT), with the support of the Occitanie Region.

European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel’s Opening Address at the first CyberSec4Europe Concertation Event in Toulouse in November 2019