3 December 2020

IDSF International Digital Security Forum 2020


3 December 2020


15:20 to 16:50: Session on “Cyber Security – Technology and Security in the Age of Pandemic”,

  • Arne Schönbohm
  • Fernando Puerto Mendoza
  • Neil Walsh
  • Gert Seidl
  • Friedrich Teichmann
  • Rafal Jaczynski
  • Kai Rannenberg

The aim of the session is to give the audience an understanding of the threat landscape, especially demonstrated by the broad use of online service due to the COVID situation and what should be done globally to increase the resilience of digital infrastructures. The discussion will address to what extent current approaches and counter measures are appropriate and where  the gaps are:

  • How to adapt policy and governance frameworks appropriately (or at all) to deal with the growing threat scenarios and which objectives the global R&D community should follow
  • How future digital systems should be built
  • How personnel should be engaged on topics such as security awareness, now they are all working from home

The moderators of this session are:

  • Helmut Leopold, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Martin Szelgrad, Editor in chief, Report Verlag