23 - 23 January 2024

Where Is the Balance Between the Benefits and the Risk Associated with Artificial (general) Intelligence?

CET Webinar


23 - 23 January 2024

Mathias Niepert, Professor, Institute for Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning in Simulation Sciences, University of Stuttgart

Simon Friederich, Associate Professor, University College Groningen, University of Groningen

Nikki, Mukerji, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP), LMU Munich

There is no question that AI could – and already does – bring immeasurable benefits to society at large, from labour saving in process-driven applications to producing stunning results in medical diagnoses that far surpass the capabilities of any one human being. On the other hand, there is a fear amongst the general public, based on both real and imagined risks and dangers, with a sprinkling of doom-laden visions, that an AI-fuelled future would be a bad thing. 

  • Where does the truth lie between these very opposing views? 
  • What are the real risks we should be taking measures to control?
  • How do we responsibly manage expectations about the anticipated changes?

Trust in Digital Life is bringing together a group of distinguished scientists and philosophers to address these very questions.


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