European Cybersecurity Atlas

The scope of this session was to present the European Cybersecurity Atlas and to provide insights about its launch and operational details.  In support of the proposed legislation to establish a European cybersecurity competence centre and network to strengthen the European cybersecurity technological and industrial capacities, the European Cybersecurity Atlas,  a digital knowledge management platform, aims to map, categorise and stimulate collaboration between entities with cybersecurity expertise across Europe. This initiative will contribute to enhanced networking, visibility of ongoing efforts and expertise on cybersecurity across Europe, delivery of the EU cybersecurity policy agenda, and ultimately a more secure Europe. The members of the four cybersecurity network pilots and ECSO will be enabled first to join the European Cybersecurity Atlas initiative.

The Cybersecurity Atlas session is here with the speaker’s bio below.

Igor Nai Fovino

Igor Nai Fovino serves as Deputy Head of the Cyber and Digital Citizen Security Unit of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. Through his activities and research projects he is deeply engaged in supporting the development of EU cybersecurity policies in all the key sectorial domains.

Igor holds a Ph.D. in computer security. His research fields belong to the area of cybersecurity of critical infrastructures, intrusion detection techniques, malware, cryptography, data mining and blockchain technologies. In these fields he is the author of more than a hundred of scientific papers and science for policy reports.