Kai Rannenberg

Professor Dr Kai Rannenberg has held the Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security at Goethe University Frankfurt since 2002 and has been a Visiting Professor at the National Institute for Informatics (Tokyo) since 2012.

Until 2002, he was working with the System Security Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge on “Personal Security Devices & Privacy Technologies”.

From 1993-1999 Kai coordinated the interdisciplinary “Kolleg Security in Communication Technology”, sponsored by Gottlieb Daimler & Karl Benz Foundation researching Multilateral Security. In parallel he did his PhD at Freiburg University on IT Security Evaluation Criteria and the protection of users and subscribers. Before Kai had completed an Informatics-Diploma (Master) at TU Berlin with a focus on privacy, security, and distributed and real-time systems.

Kai’s research interests include:

  • Mobile and embedded systems and multilateral security in e.g. M-Business, LBS, transport systems, and industrial applications
  • Privacy and identity management, especially attribute based authorisation
  • Communication infrastructures and devices, e.g. personal security assistants and services;
  • Security and privacy standardisation, evaluation, and certification.

Website with list of publications: www.m-chair.de/rannenberg