An Education in Preserving Privacy
Another piece of the puzzle initially outlined in ‘Composing a Picture from the Puzzle Pieces’ is a demonstrator use case on privacy-preserving identity management as illustrated in an educational context – although the techniques and ambition are equally applicable in many other processes and scenarios. Challenges For instance, existing solutions often do not allow a user to selectively disclose personal ... Read More

23 November 2020

Recommending Policies: How To Make A Difference
CyberSec4Europe partners provide recommendations as a result of attending workshops, conferences and diverse meetings under the auspices of organisations such as ECSO, ENISA, the European Data Protection Supervisor and others. Proactively, important elements of the work performed during the course of the project itself, particularly in the context of the roadmapping work, form the basis of what can make proposals ... Read More

05 October 2020

Leadership, Sovereignty, and Security: Why Europe Should Lead, Rather Than Follow
Recently, the Mozilla Corporation—the company behind the open source browser Firefox—announced an unprecedented lay-off. This lay-off concerns mostly the teams working on Rust, a new security focused programming language, and Servo, a new web browser engine implementation. These decisions were chiefly driven by an attempt to monetize the Mozilla Corporation. This could have a devastating effect on the browser ecosystem. ... Read More

14 September 2020


"Secure user authentication and sharing of personal data are core activities in an increasingly interconnected world."

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'An Education in Preserving Privacy'