How Sharing Information and Data Contributes to Hinder the Spread of COVID-19 and Its Economic Impacts
The world is facing, with COVID-19, a unique and unprecedented health crisis in terms of its magnitude, gravity and speed of propagation, creating a huge disruption in the global economy, impacting the operation of millions of businesses and the life of billions of citizens. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, health organisations across the world, under the initiative of ... Read More

26 May 2020

From Ship to Shore: Securing Maritime Transport
Further to the recent news posting ‘Composing a Picture from the Puzzle Pieces’, this is the first of seven pieces that describe in more detail the make up of the puzzle and covers the maritime transport demonstrator. The goal of each demonstrator is to ‘put the correct pieces together’ which are firstly described through concrete use cases. The Use Cases ... Read More

15 May 2020


In our latest blog, read how CyberSec4Europe partner
@DawexData has been working to curb the spread of #COVID__19 with the launch of its #privacy-preserving COVID-19 Data Exchange. 👇

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