Cybernetica is an ICT company with about 120 employees that researches, develops and manufactures software solutions, maritime surveillance and radio communications systems; investigates and applies the theoretical and practical security solutions. The company’s core business is to offer its customers the design, building and deployment of information systems with complex protocols and non-functional (e.g. security, timing) requirements.

Cybernetica leads the project work on standardisation. It maintains close connection with the Estonian Centre for Standardisation, facilitating the translation of international standards into Estonian, and thereby promoting Estonian-language terminology in the area of information systems’ security. Cybernetica has also been active in ISO, leading the standardisation efforts in the privacy area.

Cybernetica participates in the maritime transportation security demonstration case. Cybernetica also participates in other demonstration cases that can use its research results, mostly in the area of privacy-preserving computation.

Cybernetica also participates and performs research in areas where it has experience (privacy-preserving computations, blockchain, security and privacy analysis and measurement of systems).