Dawex is the global data marketplace where organizations meet, buy and sell data, directly, securely and in full compliance with rules and regulations. Acting as a trusted third-party, Dawex does not buy or sell data: companies retain full control over the data transaction. Created in 2015, Dawex is composed of experienced engineers, developers and data scientists. Dawex has expanded internationally quickly, with offices in France, the United States and Canada, and with partnerships with consulting and technology companies. A little over a year after the commercial launch of the marketplace, more than 3500+ companies were registered, including 250 $1B+ corporations. Dawex is building the first Global Data Marketplace, in order to facilitate cross border data flow and make data exchange accessible and secure for all economic stakeholders.

Dawex will work on the medical demonstration case, by providing its global data marketplace to the project. It will define the requirements to develop the solutions for addressing cybersecurity challenges, then and integrate them in the platform. In a second phase, it will enable medical data exchange using these innovations, to test them, gather feedbacks from the data providers and data suppliers, and improve the outcomes of the project. It will also bring its business, technical and legal expertise on data exchange to ensure the innovations remain in line with what the market expects.