Politecnico di Torino (POLITO)



POLITO is one of the major technical universities in Italy, fully devoted to engineering and architecture education, with about 30,000 students. POLITO is a research university, with nearly 60% of its budget coming from research contracts. Within POLITO the CyberSec4Europe activities are carried out by researchers of DAUIN (the Dept. of Computer and Control Engineering) through its cybersecurity research groups TORSEC (http://security.polito.it), and computer networks, NETGROUP (http://netgtroup.polito.it), with the support of DIGEP (the Dept. of Management and Production Engineering) for the activities related to legal and regulatory requirements.

POLITO is mainly active in the analysis and development of various cybersecurity techniques, and leads continuous scouting. It is also involved in the creating of cybersecurity roadmap for supply chain and medical applications, given its involvement in these sectors, and leads on legal and regulatory requirements. It is working on curricula development and development of training material as well as standardization activities for national (UNINFO) and international bodies (ETSI, TCG).